Neverwinter Hack – ZEN & Astral Diamonds Generator

We’re celebrating that we have about 3000 fans on our FanPage and we’re releasing new hack for you. A lot of people have been waited for this program, because recently Neverwinter game has been started. Neverwinter Hack is very useful tools for all people who want to use ZEN Generator and get them for free. It also includes Astral Diamonds Generator, so it’s really multi hack to Neverwinter and with this program you will can play more effectively!

About Neverwinter and hacks to this game we have writed a several days ago. You know that with free Astral Diamonds and with ZEN hack you will can do a lot of things in this game and the gameplay will be more enjoyable, because Perfect World want to get money from you. With our program you will never pay for ZEN and you will really enjoy Neverwinter!

neverwinter hack

Use Neverwinter ZEN Hack to:

  • buying exclusive items in Neverwinter ZEN Market
  • for example some packs, potions, keys, wars
  • you will can get new outfits, dye packs, some professions
  • new mounts like horses for free

Our program also includes Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Hack with functions:

  • generating Astral Diamonds for free
  • using them to invocations, leadership professions, finish daily quests
  • Astral Diamonds will be useful to selling items in Auctions

neverwinter zen hack

Generate ZEN & Astral Diamonds:

  1. Download Neverwinter hack (links below)
  2. Unpack the archive by unpacker
  3. Run the program
  4. Check available updates
  5. Type your username and log in
  6. Type amount of ZEN and AD
  7. Wait about a 2 minutes
  8. You will hack Neverwinter! :-)

As you can see it’s very easy to get ZEN and Astral Diamonds for free with our hack. We worked on this tool about a month and it’s serious very exact. You can keep calm because it’s for now definitely undetectable and you will never get ban using it. We tested it on a lot of our accounts and any of them has got some warn or block.

neverwinter zen generator

So if you want to get the new Neverwinter ZEN Hack just download it from links below.

File info and statistics

File name: Neverwinter Hack
Size: 0.89 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
Requires .NET Framework 4
User rating: 5 star
Last update: 21-10-2016
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Download the Neverwinter Hack

international mirror

Remember that this program requires valid .NET Framework 4 version.

Do you want to download it easier? See instructions below to get another link.

another link

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20 Comments to Neverwinter Hack – ZEN & Astral Diamonds Generator
    • Jerre
    • Yeah! Thank you, I was waiting for this tool since you said something about it :))) it works perfectly!

    • colleo
    • Im from France and this surveys was so easy: Need For Speed EA Games (ISP+No Scrub)

      I have some method to don’t pay for it :-) I send message STOP after I completed it and I didn’t pay any money for it

      thanks edenhack again!

    • trycOOler
    • Yeah! It was good that I get the risk and tried to download it…. it works with my account and I’ve got free ZEN as you writed! thanks edenhack!

    • crossco44try
    • still working and still the best hack to Neverwinter :-))) I’m still waiting for some tool to Heartstone!

    • energyfix
    • works in Elemental Evil 😉

      I’m agree with mate above – please give some hack to Heartstone, recently it has been released on smartphones.

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