Battlefield Heroes funds hack – get limited stuff from Store for free

battlefield heroes

Battlefield Heroes gets more and more players. But why? Is it really good game? Definitely yes! It combine that a lot of people love – the games, guns and cartoons (most of us has something from childhood). And the BF Heroes give us it and … it is for free so we can play this game without paying anything.

But is it forsooth? Not exactly… Yes, it’s free to play but if you want to play the most efficiently and enjoy all of the facilities in game, you must buy a funds. It has name – Play4free Funds. All people who has these points can buy limited clothes, sets to create an unique hero. They can get exclusive items to improve their heroes and get advantage than other players and win the battle.

battlefield heroes store
In-game store in Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes has over 10 milion of players and to be one of the best on server you must have some unique guns or powers to beat the opponents. If you have a money it’s very simple because you just pay for funds but if not? It’s not a cheap, one-off purchase looks nice, but if you want to buy more and more items it can cost you a big pack of money.

play4free funds price
Price of P4F funds – it cost about 10$ per 10 000

Battlefield Heroes Funds Hack – solution for your problems with money

It souns great, yeah? So how to get free funds? Just download the generator. The applications which use Battlefield Heroes funds hack can give you thousands of points when you want and you don’t have to pay for it. It’s amazing, but you must be wary because on the web there are a lot of fake programs which don’t works. On our site you will can see the tested and proven generator. It will be available to download very soon.

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