Playing games with Perfect World ZEN hack

Do you play one of Perfect World games? So we assume that you need ZEN hack to buy something in in-game shops to improve your characters. ZEN is a virtual currency in all online games which are provided by Perfect World and you can use it in all of their shops.

What is Perfect World ZEN hack

It’s unique method of getting ZEN to your PWE’s game account. It’s a program which can bypass server protection and generate some ZEN for you. On system it looks like you buy the ZEN but in reality you have got them for free. It sound great, but how to get this generator? On the internet are a lot of false applications and you must be very careful when you are download one of them. There are advices of using the PWE ZEN HACK:

1. Never use hacks with require typing the password to your account – all of them will probably boost your account
2. Look for some video proof, without it hacks are fake
3. Download the program only from trusty places

So where can you find universal ZEN generator which fulfill all above requirements? Soon on our site we will release that hack and it will be available to download for all people who want to buy some in Store for free.

The ZEN currency you can use on these games:
RaiderZ, Torchlight II, Blacklight: Retribution, PWI, Forsaken World, Star Trek Online, Jade Dynasty, War of the Immortals, Rusty Hearts, Champions Online, Ether Saga Odyssey, Battle of the Immortals

As you know we have gave you the Champions Online and Star Trek Online ZEN Generator before, but on this article we will write about an universal program.

How to get ZEN to your account? There is a few ways, some of them are knowable for all players and some are for only initiated people. So at first we show you public method to receive ZEN.

1. Buy ZEN by real money
We think that it isn’t economic. ZEN are too expensive for us so we don’t buy them and we’re using the hack. In our opinion if game is Free to Play it should be F2P in 100% and all micro-payments are needless. It’s profitable for owners, but it mess the game up. Players who are rich and have money to spend it on games are in better position than others and all who want to play for free often has feeble chances to win the subscriber “better” guys.

2. Use PWE Prepaid Card
It’s a similar method to above one. You must buy the PWE prepaid card, so it’s also high-priced. Anyway you can get the card as prize from your friend (is it possible? :)) or you can use PWE Prepaid Card Generator but it’s limited for only small group of people.

3. Earning ZEN by doing the offers
More user friendly method that previous, but it is hard to get a lot of Perfect World free ZEN on this way. Why? Because you can do one offer just only one time, so you won’t can get much ZENs doing it.

4. Using the ZEN hack
You have waited for it, right? In our opinion this way is the most profitable for players because using it – you pay nothing and you can get a lot of items from Store.

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