See Champions Online ZEN Hack with generator

Watch the video to see Champions Online ZEN Hack in action and to be sure that our ZEN Generator works on this game. We used this program to generate free ZEN to our Perfect World account, so all points will be available on all Perfect World and we will can spend them in Cryptic Store also in the Star Trek Online.

Generating ZEN for free is very very simple and you won’t have any problems with doing it. As we writed on the previous post – you should just only type your username and amount of ZEN how you want to add to your account. After you connect to server and start generating, you will get the ZEN in just about one or two minutes, so it’s very quickly.

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All ZEN you will can use in C-Store in the Star Trek Online and Champions Online to buy some limited stuff for your character – Hero or Captain. Do you want to get this tool now? We hope that the answer is yes, because our program is actually the best hacking tool to generating free ZEN.

zen generator

Get this Champions Online and Star Trek Online ZEN Generator and get ZEN without paying for them.

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