ZEN Generator to hack Champions Online and Star Trek Online

Next day and next hack for you. Today we release the ZEN Generator – unique tool which you can use to hack both Perfect World games – Star Trek Online and Champions Online. With this generator you can get free ZEN and use this currency in Cryptic Store to buy some interesting items.

With ZEN Hack you will can buy a lot of features for your Hero or Captain. From C-Store you can get for example

  • exclusive costumes, species, armors
  • limited ships and vehicles
  • most powerful devices and weapons
  • catalysts, hideouts and more interesting items

zen hack

You can generate free ZEN to both Perfect World games:

  • Champions Online
  • Star Trek Online

and hack Cryptic Store (in game it’s Z/Q-Store)

Star Trek Online hack currently works perfectly and just a moment ago we have bought an Andorian Kumari Vessels Pack which includes three amazing ships. Of course we haven’t payed any dollars for the ZEN – we generated them with our program.

Use the Champions Online zen hack you can also use this generator to improve your Hero and become to the leaders on the server. With this tool you will get better equipment and you will win the fights easier. So just try it now and surprise your virtual friends.

zen generator

Generating ZEN step by step:

  1. Download ZEN Generator from links below
  2. Unpack the archive by unpacker
  3. Run the application
  4. Check available updates
  5. Type your username and connect
  6. Type amount of ZEN
  7. Wait about a minute
  8. ZEN will be on your account

And the best information – generated ZEN will appear on your account instantly, so you won’t wait for them. You will can use them in C-Store at once.

More informations about our ZEN Hack:

  • it uses new way to generating free ZEN and it’s undetectable by secure system
  • your account will never be ban because system will not see that you’re using it
  • it works very very fast as you can see on the video
  • it’s available for free download
  • original version is only on – don’t fall for other copies!

So just get it now and start playing these two games more easy and enjoyable – for free :-)

File info and statistics

File name: ZEN Generator
Size: 0.73 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
Requires .NET Framework 4
User rating: 5 star
Last update: 22-10-2016
watch video

Download the ZEN Generator

international mirror

Remember that this program requires valid .NET Framework 4 version.

Do you want to download it easier? See instructions below to get another link.

another link

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13 Comments to ZEN Generator to hack Champions Online and Star Trek Online
    • Anonymus
    • Hey it sounds good, but im not able to download it – they’re no surveys avaible :((( could you please send me the tool? (

    • EtaVesta
    • well, video on youtube looks real, so I decided to download it. at first I had some problems, because it required update, but I got it and for now it works, so I’m very surprised :mrgreen:

      i used zen to buy Vesta Pack with 3 ships :—)

    • |Gregg
    • oh, finally ive got working zen generator, thxxxx

      ive bought legacy pack to star trek online 😉

    • Star Trek is still the best, I love space. Recently I watched Interstellar movie and I have strong desire to play this game :-))) THANKS FOR FREE ZEN!

    • STO
    • yeah, this hack is fantastic, thx for free items from store! Star Trek is still the best -game and movies!!!

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