Hero Zero Donuts Hack – generator of free Donuts

Hero Zero has became very popular game in a lot of countries. We decided to give you some tool which will help you to play more effectively. This is the Hero Zero Donuts Hack which can give you a lot of free Donuts which you could use to improve your Hero.

Our Hero Zero Donuts Hack works on all available servers and it just only requires the .NET Framework 4 to works. Any other softwares, you should only type your username and amount of donuts how much you want (we recommend max. 2000 in one time) and you could generate free points.

hero zero donuts hack

You can use Hero Zero Free Donuts to :

  • buy valuable items
  • shorten waiting time in missions, fightings, works and trainings
  • fill up your energy
  • get powerful boosters

Our generator is very easy in use so you will don’t have any problems with generating Donuts. It works on all Hero Zero servers: DE(S1-5), UK, FR(1-2), PL(1-4), GR(1-2), ES, BR(1-3), MX, PT, TR, IT, US

donuts generator

How to hack Hero Zero Donuts:

  1. Download the generator (links below)
  2. Unpack the pack with files by unpacker
  3. Run the generator
  4. Look for updates
  5. Type your username and connect
  6. Type amount of donuts
  7. Wait a moment
  8. Donuts will be on your account

We guarantee that this Donuts Adder is:

  • secure and stably working on systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • undetectable by Hero Zero secure system
  • often updating to works faster and still stably

Getting free Donuts with our generator is a very simple process and in just a moment you will can use them in Second Hand Shop to buy some interesting goods for your Hero or to buy some features like booster. With this hack

  • you will never wait for end the training on a gym
  • you could renew the courage when you want
  • end missions faster
  • getting up in the ranking list

So get the Hero Zero Donuts Generator now and surprise you friends with your new – better Hero which will be stronger and will have better items.

For France players – this is the hero zero hack gratuit and it works on all France servers.

File info and statistics

File name: Hero Zero Donuts Generator
Size: 1.17 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
Requires .NET Framework 4
User rating: 5 star
Last update: 20-10-2016
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Download the Hero Zero Donuts Generator

international mirror

Remember that this program requires valid .NET Framework 4 version.

Do you want to download it easier? See instructions below to get another link.

another link

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33 Comments to Hero Zero Donuts Hack – generator of free Donuts
    • muncheen
    • thanks, I spend all generated donuts to buy boosters and fill up the courage :mrgreen: before I didn’t believe that it can works and yet it give me donuts

      I play on S2 and S3 server (German)

    • florays
    • yeah! Finally it works, but I have some problems with surveys… but I think it is worth to do them because I have free donuts :DDD

    • ZeroHero
    • Hero Zero after recently changes is better, I often play on my smartphone ๐Ÿ˜‰ and… Im using this fucking goood hack!

    • Martin99
    • love this game since it’s available on Google Play :-))) I play it on my smartphone in the school XDDD

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