Cartel Coins Generator – the best SWTOR hack

We promised that we’ll give you the SWTOR hack. A lot of players were waiting for this and now we’re releasing it. It’s the Cartel Coins Generator and with this program you could generate Cartel Coins for free to give you more chances in fights with subscription players.

Cartel Coins you could use in the Cartel Market to buy some items (equipment like armor sets, new weapons, unlock to improve your character and something else you want). All these stuff you could get for absolutely free because with our generator you will never pay for it!

cartel coins hack

Generate free Cartel Coins and get:

  • all items from Store for free
  • unlocks to sections which are only for Subscription Players
  • upgrade to Preferred Status (new game features)
  • more chances in fight against Subscription Players

Works perfectly on US, European and Asia servers

So with Cartel Coins Generator you could play Star Wars The Old Republic as you will have the Premium Account, but with this tool – it will be for free.

cartel coins generator

How to use SWTOR hack:

  1. Download the generator from links below
  2. Unpack the pack with files by unpacker
  3. Run the program
  4. Check the update
  5. Type your display name and connect
  6. Type how many coins you want (we recommend max. 5500 in one time)
  7. Wait about a minute
  8. Coins will be on your account

As you can see it’s not hard to generating Cartel Coins. This process takes about a minute and you can instantly go to in-game Store and buy something you want.

  • keep calm: Cartel Coins Generator is undetectable by EA secure system
  • works perfectly on all servers (US, EU, Asia) and language versions (US, FR, DE)

We released this hack to give you more chance in fights on servers. This game is F2P but in our opion it’s pay2play, but with this generator you could get all premium features for free so we think it will be very useful for you.

Do you want to know how Cartel Coins Generator Download? Just read the instructions below and of cource please watch the video with proof to be sure that this hack really works.

cartel coins hack
As you can see, in system it looks like you have bought the coins by paying for it

File info and statistics

File name: Cartel Coins Generator
Size: 1.73 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
Requires .NET Framework 4
User rating: 5 star
Last update: 22-10-2016
watch video

Download the Cartel Coins Generator

international mirror

Remember that this program requires valid .NET Framework 4 version.

Do you want to download it easier? See instructions below to get another link.

another link

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78 Comments to Cartel Coins Generator – the best SWTOR hack
    • SUdaO
    • well, for now it isn’t too popular so I think we can use it and SWTOR will don’t know about it 😉

      Just think – Star Wars has nearly 2 millions players and if even 1000 will use this hack it’s propably doesn’t matter. So I definitly use it to get free CC – with them game is more enjoyable :)

      • dyPSG
      • nice set, I picked other – Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack with discount

        thanks for give us this hack, it’s very useful after game changes and now we can really rival with people who’re paying for CC 8)

    • andré
    • Guys , i don´t think to pos this on the fan page was a good idea >.>….some people are complaining it may carry some problems

      • NAldo
      • i’m agree with you. it currently works excellent and i think that we should save this method for us

        however if i wasn’t saw post on facebook i wouldn’t get this generator

        im so selfish 😛

    • opUter
    • I saw it on Reddit, someone has put false information about this hack… I tried to download it, I got the latest version and it works very well for now, so this guy must be very frustrated – maybe he bought a subscriptions 😀

      anyway very thanks for this tool, I got a lot of items from market for free 😉

      • Primavera
      • YES, just now I’ve got the newest big Enforcer’s Contaband Pack (320 CC) – with boosts, color crystals, crafting materials, armors – Darth Malak is nice :mrgreen:

        thanks edenhack

    • Max
    • I tried literally every option on every mirror site and none of them let me download the file. Is there any other way I can get it? Please?

      • Cateriny
      • just complete the survey :) it isnt difficult :) I always use e-mail or Mobile submit offers – when I submit my mobile phone I’ll get some message or I should send some SMS and its all

        to dont pay for it after that I send message STOP for this number

    • HAynesd
    • banned? i’ve used this tool since 2-3 months (about 20-30 times) and I didnt get any banns, blocked accounts etc :) But Ive got a lot of new items from market!

    • T2kuy
    • it’s the best game, because I love Star Wars. I had some problems with offers to download this hack, but it worth trying because it works perfectly :-) thanks for contraband’s pack!

    • treK
    • f2p – free to pay 😀 thanks for it, I don’t want to pay for cartel coins and with this program I have them for free :]

    • citro
    • yep, but if you have SWTOR 2.8 you must update this hack, but after that it works perfectly 😉 thx for new items

    • monkey96
    • wow, it’s still works in 3.0

      thanks, the best tool to SWTOR, I use it since about one year! one fine year!!! 😀

    • yerbamate
    • whaaaat? I used it on “test” account and I’ve got Architect’s Stronghold Packs!!!! CAN I use it on my real account, any bans?!!!

    • nostralex
    • what a deal! Hypercrate: Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack for free! can you give me some hack to League of Legends?!!! Please, I want to buy some items!

      • sixtEEEn
      • Just try another survey 😉 I hate offers! but download and SMS surveys are easy to complete and it’s worth it cos with this hack I’ve got thousands of free Cartel Coins ;]]]]]

      • tiagra
      • Of course! It works with Shadow of Revan and I use it since about 5 months :-))) any bans, any blocks… and free items from Store :mrgreen:

      • EmyiP
      • yep, all of Origins games are Pay2Play (not F2P), but with hacks like this one playing is nice :-)

        I use this generator since 5 months and I haven’t got any bans, so if you will use it carefully, it will be safely.

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