Ghost Recon Online with Ghost Coins

ghost recon online

Do you like MMO games? Do you like shooters? You must see Ghost Recon Online because it’s amazing free to play online game with amazing vibrant actions.

It’s 3rd person tactical shooter and you can join to 16 players online firefights. You must cooperate with your friends because the tactic is the core of this game. Deathmatch is eschewed, team play is essential and to win the match you must kill enemies and also cover teammates.

Ghost Coins – what is it?

As you know GRO is free to play, so you can play this game for absolutely free, but if you want to unlock some weapons and armors faster and improve it – you can buy Ghost Coins. It’s the premium currency and you can use it to purchase limited edition add-ons.

How to get Ghost Coins? You can pay for it or download some generator or hack (soon available on our site).

How much is it? Currently you can choose one of 5 packs of Ghost Coins. For 5 euros you can buy 885 coins and the most expensive pack (22125) cost 100 euros.

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    • soon it will be available to download, just add our site to bookmarks and wait for new etries

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