Play4free Funds Generator – the best Battlefield Heroes hack

And this is the awaited moment – today we release the first hack on our site. Are you ready? We worked on this about a month – thousands lines of source code and now we can finally say – yes this works perfectly! We present you the Play4free Funds Generator which you will can use in the four very popular free Origin games.

It’s the latest generator of free Play4free Funds and it uses an another script to bypass EA anti-cheating protection. If you used other hacks and them didn’t work – just try it and you will be satisfied. This method to break the security hasn’t be ever applied – we saw a similar mode in other project on first week of February 2013 – it’s the new way to hack online games and it’s used since 2013 year.

play4free funds

List of supported games:

  • Battlefield Heroes
  • Battlefield Play4free
  • Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances
  • Lord of Ultima

About this currency we have written in the previous article, as you know, with this funds you could buy a lot of items in Store. For example today I’ve loaded my account with 6500 Funds and bought new Droid Set in Battlefield Store. It sounds great right?

The Play4free Funds Generator looks nice on Windows 8 (we must put the watermarks on the screen)

play4free funds generator

Instructions of using the hack:

  1. Download it from links below
  2. Unpack the archive by unpacker
  3. Run the generator
  4. Check available updates
  5. Type your username and connect
  6. Type how many funds you want
  7. Wait about a minute
  8. Funds will be on your account

This hack has a lot of advantages. It’s actually

  • the best battlefield heroes hack because it can generate funds every time you want
  • undetectable so you can don’t afraid about bans etc.
  • easy in use – you should type just only your username and how many funds you want to get
  • free and fast – for everytime and every person!

All funds are generating instantly, so when you will run the generator you will get the Play4free funds in about a minute and in the same time you will be able to buy something in Store.

Do you want to see this in action? Just watch the video on which we used it to load our Battlefield Heroes account. Get it now for free and get more fun for playing these games – “be the leader on server” as our friend said once, with our hack it’s very probable.

File info and statistics

File name: Play4free Funds Generator
Size: 1.72 MB
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X
Requires .NET Framework 4
User rating: 5 star
Last update: 24-10-2016
watch video

Download the Play4free Funds Generator

international mirror

Remember that this program requires valid .NET Framework 4 version.

Do you want to download it easier? See instructions below to get another link.

another link

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76 Comments to Play4free Funds Generator – the best Battlefield Heroes hack
    • Jeffer89
    • Thanks guys! I saw your video on YouTube and I downloaded this program and it really give me Play4free Funds – THANK! Before I tested other hacks like this and I had lot of problems, but this is fantastic!

      Drone Set is mine :—)

      • 1Patrick
      • I founded it on Facebook FanPage too 😉

        Just now I bought Kosmonaut’s Set in today’s sale!

        It’s so easy to generating funds – do you think that EA will block it?

    • MarioKirby123
    • I from jeuxvideo – someone has put link to this generator on the forum. I tried it and it works!!! thanks

      I’m from France, gratuit funds 😀 générateur travaill

    • hrvatske
    • LOL I just used it in BF Play4free and I got additionaly MK3A1 as gift. EA really thinks that I bought the funds, but I generated them :mrgreen:

    • xindog
    • WOW! I didnt believe that it can works, but I tried it to buy new Dog Set for 9 999 Funds and it give me free funds :-) Thanks guys, good job!

    • PSV
    • Sly de Sluwe megabundel <3333

      10 000 funds for free – BIG THANKS EDENHACK!
      Please create hack to Silkroad!!!

      • Guardo
      • dinos were nice, but I used this tool to buy Royal FVA Winner – this set is really valueable :mrgreen:

        EdenHack – please give us working AIMBOT to BF Heroes :-)

    • pikachi
    • thank u bro, this is my favourite site! I got X-Ray Skeleton using your tool, very very thanks

    • roy
    • yeah, the best bf heroes hack – i have used this since 2 weeks and Ive got a lot of sets, recently Bane’s Toxic Set from sale :)

    • ediiiy
    • I’ve seen it on facebook and it works, thanks guys :) I’ve bought new “Occult Assassin’s Set” and I think I will use it in the future again

      • epson96
      • yep…. I have bought this on and the… Samurai-Set!!! I love this tool but I’m careful using it (once-twice a month)… :)

    • deYs
    • ooow, my fav game but I don’t want to pay for the items… however Im using this program and it works very goooood! :mrgreen:

    • aik
    • I love BF Play4free and with this hack it’s better game :DDDD I love free items :-))) Can you give me some hack to League of Legends?

    • baTiosat
    • still works, I’ve got “Pack Fêtes du père Noël” :-)))) why Lord of Ultima disappeared?!

      sry for my ENG, Im from France

    • marathon
    • I tried it to buy Santa’s Holiday Set xDDD tomorrow I will buy some more interesting items :-))) I hope it will still works, thanks

    • GalacticFootbal
    • still works in 2015… I’m wondering that I use it since over ONE YEAR and it still works, how? I know that sometimes we download the updates, but it’s very fine that this hack can still give me free funds :mrgreen:

      Please give some hack to FIFA WORLD

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